Terra Pixel announcing the availability of Amazon Geospatial Web Services.

Users can now provide Open Geospatial Interfaces to your data hosted on AWS S3 buckets, powering your applications.

The Streaming Service is reliable and scalable; there is no need to worry about your back end services, hire developers to stand up servers, or purchase or develop software for servers, Instead, organizations can save money and focus on application side development.

Key Capabilities:

Dynamic Streaming from your AWS S3 storage. Streamap brings the processing to the data, not the data to the processing.

Scalable Service: Supports virtually unlimited number of map requests.

Open Standards: Stream into any geospatial application or web browser to power your analytics.

Download maps to access through Offline Web Services.  There is no need to rely on proprietary solutions that lock your data.

Cyber Security: Web Services are detached from source data. Streamap indexes and streams information about the data through secure Web Services.

The Streamap Platform includes: Admin assigned unlimited Signed Users, Unlimited Map Requests. Annual license includes 1TB of data indexed for streaming. Costs are predictable: Pay per amount of data available for streaming.

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